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5 Top Spots in The City Chino Hills

Jul 2019
5 Top Spots in The City Chino Hills

The City of Chino Hills is a beautiful city situated in San Bernardino County, California. It may not rank high in terms of tourism in the US but its ease of access via Chino Hills & Pomona Freeway combined with a few attractions such as the city’s fascinating aircraft collections make it a worthwhile stopover as you’re passing through.

Chino Limo Service has compiled a list of the Top 5 hotspots to visit which you can pretty much wrap up in a day and makes for a great stopover attraction.

  • Planes of Fame

The Planes of Fame aircraft museum is perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in Chino Hills. Here you can find a vast array of antique airplanes restored to their original glory. The museum opened its doors in 1957 and it just so happened to be the first air museum in the US west of the Mississippi river. What originally started off as a 10 plane museum now boasts 150 aircrafts on display with 50 flyable planes.

  • Youth Museum of Chino    

In the year 1994 the inception of the Chino Youth Museum took foundation by the Chino City Staff to showcase the history of the city of Chino Hills. Inside the museum is the city’s mission statement which not many cities can say they have upheld but Chino Hills has lived up to that mission statement. The museum contains interactive exhibits to create a better understanding of the city’s history and culture.

  • Yanks Air Museum

What originally started out as a private collection of airplanes by Mr. and Mrs. Nichols in early 1972 would later become the Yanks Air Museum. A decade later in 1982 the Yanks Air Museum was founded. The current count of aircrafts has since then reached 170 aircrafts from around the world. Once known as the “Secret Museum” it now attracts visitors globally.

  • Chino Creek

Looking to get some nature under your belt? Look no further than Chino Hill’s own Chino Creek. It’s relatively short length measuring in it 12 miles it drains a large basin of about 210 sq. miles which makes it an ideal tourist attraction and hosts many inhabitants. If you’re a nature enthusiast then Chino Creek is sure to give you your money’s worth.

  • Prado Regional Park

Prado Regional Park boasts a recreational and natural park covering over 2000 acres making it the best place in Chino Hills to kick back, relax and enjoy nature to its fullest. The park is very popular for camping under the starry skies, archery, fishing shooting & much more including its very own Golf course adored by residents & tourists alike.