Do you need airport shuttle service to take you to or from Ontario International Airport?  Chino Limo Service has the answer. We provide affordable rates and a great service. Airport private shuttle with the fewest stops ever, or book a private car.

Chino Limo Service has a great airport limo and Sedan service. Not only do we provide you with professional chauffeurs, but our vehicles are also of the latest models. We make sure your travel through  California is easy, comfortable and relaxed. Ride with us in style and luxury.

Q. Why choose Chino Limo Service?

Chino Limo Service is dedicated to customer convenience and comfort. There are many factors which set us apart from other airport shuttle services. Here is why you may want to ride with us:

  • Chino limo Service shuttles make fewer stops. Unlike other service providers that make 3-5 stops in one shared ride, we limit our stops to a single stop in case of residential clients.
  • If you are a hotel client, we cater with a maximum of 3 stops at your hotel. Our job is to get you from your destination with efficiency and safety. This is why we limit the time you spend inside the vehicle by getting you to your destination as quickly as possible.
  • Our shuttle service covers the whole area of Chino, California. We even cover destinations like Disneyland, Anaheim resorts, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Beach cities, Downtown LA, Fullerton, Brea and more!
  • Chino limo service also provides shuttle services from LAX to Disneyland. And if you are traveling to Catalina Island for a holiday, we can cover that too.
  • Our shuttle service also covers any areas near the Ontario Airport and Chino airports. No need to stress out about transportation anymore!

Whether you are a business travel, a solo flyer or a family on a vacation, we can drive you anywhere you want.

Superior Flight Arrival Tracker Allows Us to Find You, and You To Find Your Chino Limo Service!

You don’t even have to worry about finding us when you land. Due to our superior flight trackers, we already know when you’ve touched ground. The moment you get off the plane, you will get a text message with a Ready To Go? Link. Just click the link when you’re ready, and you will get the car number and location. Meeting your driver has never been easier!