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We know birthday parties and bachelor/bachelorette parties can be a pain to plan. Not only do you need immense focus to take care of all the details, you also have to take in account of any possible hang-ups, all the while making sure the birthday boy/girl or your bachelor/bachelorette has the time of their life. The Perfect Limo Chino helps you take at least one worry off your mind –that of finding a professional driver for the special day, or of meandering through difficult Chino traffic while on your way.

Instead, now you can use that time to connect with your birthday boy/girl or your soon-to-be-married single friend. Pile up in a posh limo and show up for the celebration in style.

Make your ride memorable through the luxurious treatment that you will receive on your way to the venue. From pick up to drop out, our chauffeurs ensure you have the time of your life. Our staff shows up at your door dressed in style, ready to chauffeur you away. Allow us to whisk you away in the carriage of your dreams. Whether you are the friend planning the party or the one who owns the celebration, booking a Chino Limo will give you the excitement and peace of mind that you need.

**Transportation transportation starting at $628.00

Limo Bus – 16 Passengers