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Top Travel Safety Tips

Aug 2019
Top Travel Safety Tips

Traveling can be fun and relaxing and it should be, but when tragedy strikes especially when you and your loved ones are on a trip it can be extra devastating and a huge frustration. Most travel disasters occur because of one or more safety relapse.

Chino limo service of Chino Hills, CA compiled a list of the TOP 5 safety tips that you can refer to on your next trip be it within the United States or overseas.

  • Research Your Destinations

The number 1 rule of travel safety is to research your destination. You really need to get to know your destination in detail such as hospitals and police station near your accommodation, emergency contact numbers (police, ambulance & fire brigade). If you find yourself travelling overseas always check-in with the American Embassy, this way the United States govt. will know your whereabouts. Always leave your number and emergency contact number with your hotel.

You can visit the State Depts. Website for important country info about the country you are travelling to and enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to register your party and itinerary.

  • Avoid Attracting Attention

We understand that people travel and take vacations to have fun and be who they are but sometimes standing out in crowd can attract criminals who can spot oddities and out of town/country visitors are easy targets for petty criminals as well as con artists. Try to avoid buying from street hawkers who are not licensed, most countries give licenses to street hawkers and the license is clearly displayed on the stall. Do not buy or engage in any kind of bargain or deal with random strangers.

  • Make Copies of Everything

Each member of the travelling party should have photocopies of everyone else’s passports, ID’s, airline tickets, visas, etc. leave a similar set in your hotel closet and carry sets with you when you’re out & about.

  • Keep Your Loved Ones Updated

It’s imperative to have at least 1 person who is not travelling with you in the loop on a regular basis. Before departing pick someone close and setup a checking in schedule and as well as special messages. Always have that person’s number on speed dial and provide them with contact info of your hotel and info on your itinerary.

  • Be Mindful of Public Wi-Fi

Public wi-fi is fast becoming the number one tool for hackers to gain access to your device and cause some serious damage. Almost every country has cellular network providers and the providers almost always have a Visitor Sim card with very good data/text/call transportation that you can use while on your trip and dispose of when you head home.