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Valentine’s Day: Make Memories With Your Better Half

Apr 2017
Valentine’s Day: Make Memories With Your Better Half

Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day of the year. As Charles Schultz creator of Charlie Brown stated, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” The aroma of chocolate glazed cakes and pretty floral bouquets are taking over the market with the wave as demand is rising and overtime is put in by pâtissier and florists. Obviously, you can never dismay the option of gifting someone traditional style chocolates and flowers, but for those enthusiasts who want to take it to another level, book yourself an extravagant limo rental service and cruise your way on this very auspicious day! Here are some refreshing ideas to make your special one feel like a Queen or a king!

Chilling on the beach: Residing in Orange County, the weather can be quite exquisite on Valentine’s Day. Make some arrangements for fresh juices and ice-cold beer for beverages, and marinated olives, chips and ranch dips, sweet potatoes for appetizers – and sweet pastries or cupcakes for dessert. You can also bring along some handy blankets and watch the sunset on one of our wonderful beaches. We know, it’s one of the perfect ways to get cozy with your partner!

Reminiscing Old Times: This one is well-known among the love birds. Book yourself a limousine, sync your favorite tunes to the tracks you both danced to or went on to your first gig as a couple or the songs you played for your wedding.) Then bring along all your favorite snacks and drinks and take a long drive into the reminiscing locations which have signified and strengthened your relationship. Maybe drive towards the place where you both first saw each other?  Perhaps your first get-together?      Your wedding location? The hospital where your kids were born? This beautiful drive can be heart-melting and surely make you teary!

Surprise Date: Amaze your Valentine by picking him/her up from the office in a stocked limousine filled with his/her favorite snacks and drinks. Cruise your way to the cinema where you both love watching the same love story flick over and over again – or a classy restaurant that has just the right ambiance to light up each other’s moods. It could be anything as long as you both cherish the moment and feel loved.

Go Aerial: There are tons of choices to consider from Orange County helicopter companies that offer a variety of tours. Perhaps opting to go for the Orange County Beach Tour? Few companies, such as OC Helicopters provides unique services like Heli-Dine-N-Dash, a helicopter ride soaring above the Orange County coastline and then reach to an isolated five-star dining experience.

Cooking Extravaganza: Is your Valentine fond of culinary skills? Does he or she enjoys being in the kitchen and prepare a special treat for you? Something to go for breakfast like Spanish omelettes and poached eggs with coffee? Enrolling yourselves in a culinary short course can be pretty interesting. Orange Country has a lot to offer when it comes to cooking classes, like Hipcooks that is catered for both beginners and the pro’s. Different set of themes are scheduled on different occasions and Valentine’s Day isn’t something to be left out. But you will have to make reservations beforehand. Places like Sur la Table and Le Gourmet Culinary are some of the best known culinary institutes in the locales of Orange County area that are popular.

Craft Beer Sessions: Craft beer industry is on the rise. As it was known virtually a decade ago, today it’s making its way globally. If your Valentine has a peculiar taste for beer, then make your way to the craft beer tour. With tons of breweries options in Orange County, places like Legends Craft Brewery, Noble Ale Works and Backstreet Brewing situated in Anaheim or Costa Mesa’s Barley Forge, Huntington Beach’s Four Sons and Santa Ana’s most renowned Cismontane. Book yourself a full service limousine and make way towards those glorious new breweries for a romantic and enchanted date.

Massage Therapy: Some of the most ravishing and extravagant spas are located here in Orange County. The Spa at Laguna Cliffs in Dana Point is one of the most famous spot for professional masseur’s, where you can get a relaxing 60 minutes massage off from the menu – plus an addition of 30mins dedicated to you and your valentine in a private romantic suite complimented with your favorite bottle of champagne and chocolate confectioneries. You can also opt for Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa. Based on Spanish heritage estate, they provide sensational spa services, swimming and rentals for cabana as well.

Usually, to decorate your Valentine’s Day with more surprises and glamor, booking your chauffeur service or a luxury limo service can set all due promises fulfilled. There won’t be the slightest of disturbances since you don’t have to worry about the traffic, dealing with parking tickets or any other unnecessary tantrums that might jeopardize your romantic cruise.